Thermage is based on a simple premise: that restoring and stimulating new collagen growth will naturally make the skin look younger. You see, as we age, collagen fibers found beneath the outer layer of our skin -- the epidermis -- eventually loosen and droop. To compound matters, the body's ability to make collagen declines as years pass. Genetics, sun exposure and smoking also contribute to collagen's gradual loss of oomph. During a Thermage procedure, a physician uses a wand to apply radiofrequency energy to the designated areas. The energy from the Thermage wand heats collagen in the dermis, the skin's lower layers, which make the collagen fibers contract. This contraction tightens the epidermis and makes it look smoother. People can use Thermage on the face -- including lips and eyes -- as well as the neck, hands, abdomen, buttocks and knees. The treatment can also combat cellulite-dimpled skin -- the stubborn bane of many people’s existence:  A chance to skip the scalpel and avoid anesthesia -- and still repair aging skin -- might seem like a no-brainer. One "pro" for Thermage is that your convalescence will be minimal to nonexistent. You might be able to go for a Thermage treatment in the morning and be back in your office in the afternoon. At the very least, you'll be able to do anything you normally do -- even working out at the gym or outdoors (with sunscreen, of course).



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